About company

The history of confectionary factory "Elbrus-K" begins in 2001. In a very short period of time, the company specialists have mastered the promising directions - the production of zephуr, marmalade, drops and sweets. The team of professionals, armed with advanced research in sales, pricing and marketing, achieved striking results. The success of the factory is based on the principle of constant modernization of production facilities, expansion of the assortment line and improvement of product recipes. So in 2003, the Italian coating line was launched, the production of confectionery sweets such as "Ptichye moloko" (pigeon milk) was mastered. In 2006 confectionary factory "Elbrus-K" launched production lines for cream confectionery of "Korovka" type and toffee. In 2013 the Italian horizontal packaging line ONE SHOT for the production of jelly candies with a filling was purchased.

Nowadays confectionary factory "Elbrus-K" is one of the biggest producers of confectionery products in the North Caucasus and continues to be a fast-growing company, which is confirmed by the constantly expanding range, which includes more than 150 products. The assortment of the factory is topped with topical, popular novelties of sweets "Prunes in chocolate glaze", "Prunes in chocolate glaze with walnuts", "Dried apricots in chocolate glaze", "Dried apricots in chocolate glaze with walnuts", "Walnut in chocolate glaze" "Figs in chocolate glaze", "Dates in chocolate glaze with almonds". These products perfectly combine natural taste, a complex of vitamins and nutrients that are contained in nuts, dried fruits, berries.

It should be noted that today the entire range of the confectionery factory "Elbrus-K" is in high demand among connoisseurs of unusual flavors and useful products, since the products are made from natural high-quality ingredients and meet modern requirements for healthy eating. The company has developed and implemented a food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000. In addition, the factory produces Halal products, which is confirmed by the Center for Standardization and Certification CenterHalalNadzor certificate. The policy of maintaining minimum prices for high quality products attract trade organizations to cooperate with the factory and actively expand the geography of supplies. The confectionery factory "Elbrus-K" is your reliable partner and supplier.


Halial products are products, first of all, containing no preservatives, artificial additives and genetically modified organisms. Compliance with technical and environmental standards in the production process is carefully monitored at all stages of production. The priority task of the confectionary factory "Elbrus-K" is a constant improvement of the quality and safety of food products. The company's food safety management system complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 22000: 2005.


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