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Successful participation of the confectionery factory "Elbrus-K" in the exhibition Prodexpo-2016

From 8 to 12 February 2016, in Moscow was held the international exhibition of food, beverage and raw materials for their production - Prodexpo-2016. Confectionery factory "Elbrus-K" participated in the tasting competition "The best product - 2016" in "PRODEXPO" and was awarded the gold medal for the best glazed candy with dried fruits "walnut in chocolate glaze" and the bronze medal for glazed candy "Paysage", "Jumeirah", "Candied roasted nuts with popped rice", candies from jelly mass "Myatka". Glazed candy with dried fruits "Murano", glazed candy from fondant milk mass "Sweet barrel" with creamy flavor. Marmalade "Pyatisloynyy", Zephyr in chocolate glaze.
     As part of the 23rd international exhibition "PRODEXPO-2016" confectionery factory "Elbrus-K" was awarded a special prize "The best enterprise-2016" for the stable production of quality products.

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